Welcome to sinty's page <3

Model making

I've been making vrchat avatars, worlds and emotes since around January 2019. I have experience with 3d animation and modeling from my previous work on YouTube animations on my channel by the name of Sintful1.

I know the inns and outs of both Unity, Photoshop and Blender and use these tools to create my models. I do as much work as you need, so if you only want a model but want to rig/texture or set it up in unity yourself, you can do so for a reduced price :D. 
 some things i've made

Here are a few examples of models I've made, both as commissions and for personal use. I will uptade this list further in the future as this site is still in "work-in-progress"


If you are interested having a model made, or maybe some assets or animations, feel free to contact me though the "contact me" tab on the top of the page. 


When talking about price it can vary quite a bit depending on how much work i need to do. If you wish for custom modeled bodies, clothing armor, with custom textures ect. the price will go up. If you have assets or references that makes it quicker and easier for me to create the model the price goes down. 

I am a perfectionist and take pride in my work so i will always deliver a bug-free working model. You also get a full guarantee on bugs, so if you find something "funky" I'll of course fix it for free. 

So to give you a fair number i usually work for around 100$-700$ depending on the models needs.
The transaction happens though PayPal.


Welp that's about it. If you wanna follow me or get in touch, feel free to add me on discord though the "contact-me" tab on the top of the  page. 

Much love to you  <3